Mr party update…

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I’ve come a hell of a long way with Mr Party since I last posted! So I figured I’d do an update now to explain how that’s been

I performed at the RVT’s Tavern’s Got Talent at the end of last year and got into the finals, which was a huge boost of self esteem. It’s a truly remarkable, warm and loving venue for lgbtq acts.

I then performed all over the place, mainly London, meeting many incredible, supportive people. Whilst simultaneously making two new suits on a sewing machine myself! Both of which have been VERY VERY stressful experiences, but totally worth while in the love and appreciation I have received for them!

I am now doing several competitions this year, Man Up (The Glory), Pride’s Got Talent and Comedy Bloomers. I just did Taylor Trash’s Gold Rush and although I didn’t get through my heat I got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, a gig offer and an invitation to a fashion show by a London College of Fashion student. I actually went to the show, but I think they were expecting Mr Party (Not Vicky). It was pretty awesome though and I was flattered to have been invited, as all the guests were amazingly dressed.

Hopefully Mr Party will just continue to grow more and more as an act over this year…

It’s been very interesting to see how much it has made me feel content in the world. It’s taken me a long time to get to a point of happiness in my performing, drag, self and life in general, so I’m very thankful 🙂




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Mr Party evolution (Drag King evolution)

My drag king alter ego Mr Party has evolved somewhat recently.

I got him a new suit, gold chains, bow tie and some fabulous contouring and grease paint make up from Kryolan.

He’s got two gigs this weekend, then the Drag Wars competition in Gloucestershire, THEN a gig at the amazing Barwotever night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern! Totally a dream come true for Mr Party and he is shaking in his very sparkly boots.

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Mr Party

This is my drag king alter ego I’ve been performing as lately “Mr Party”. He’s an aging bastard rock star basically, I play a couple songs about being a terrible person and loving cocaine, mixed with a bunch of tales of depravity and jokes with terrible taste. Needless to say, I enjoy being Mr Party very much indeed.

Any drag tips are encouraged but please don’t feel you have to message me any creepy flirty messages purely for the fact that I’m in drag. That’s what happened here and mommy no likey:

Mr Party’s next gig is at the Round George in Brighton on the 7th July (If he shows up, the bastard).

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Little Mr Sociopath (Tiny weapons)

I’m working on a new drag character “Little Mr Sociopath” and he’s obviously got to have loads of tiny weapons, so that’s what I’ve been making. There is also a tiny cut throat razor! Any suggestions will be considered…deviously considered! Mwohahaha!

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I was recording a voice over and the seagulls kept making a racket (as always), so when I was done I used the out takes of me getting annoyed at the seagulls to create a little techno remix. Why? Because it’s funny.

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New painting

I did this painting last night, I think it turned out really well. I call it “Lana’s power”, I tried to capture the aura of someone I know who’s reserved but very passionate. They were very touched by the painting 🙂

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When a girl wants to be the only man

I made this music video to show a bunch of my drag outfits. I’ve been dressing as a boy every so often for over 10 years, and it’s been nice to see how it’s becoming more talked about as a community recently. It may surprise you to hear I’m not gay either, which I have found often makes my transvestism less understood by others, and has confused me somewhat too. I’ve always liked dressing in a variety of costumes though and have accepted it’s just a part of me 😀

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The Tale Of Sweetie (A real romance comic)

Haven’t been on here in agggeeess but here’s the bulk of a comic I’ve been working on about me and a very sweet boy 🙂

Scan1Scan2NEW3Scan4Scan5Scan6Scan7Scan8Scan9NEW?Scan11 1Scan12Scan13dress

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Tips on making an online sitcom

I’m just about to start filming episode 2 of my online sitcom “Charity Bastards” and I thought I’d write a list of what I’ve learnt about making an online sitcom. To aid others who are thinking about doing the same, or those who are just curious about how it all works.

1)Workshop your script

Without a doubt, a really important part of writing comedy is working on it with a group of people (comedians ideally). My first script took a little longer, as creating characters and main plot lines takes a lot of thought and rewriting, but once I’d got my best draft done I gathered the cast (all comedians/funny people) and they told me what was wrong with it and what would make it funnier. We have a great time bouncing ideas around and they ALWAYS improve the script immeasurably. So dooo it.


The first time we filmed we used no lighting, just daylight and inside we filmed during light hours. This is okkk, but it’s going to make different clips look like they’re filmed at different times because…well they are. I have now invested in two 160 watt LED lights and two tripod light stands which are already showing me how much better the footage is going to look when we shoot next. You need two because they can balance out the shadows, and you should use filter gels to create a warmer look, rather than harsh exposure (but they generally come with the lights for free). I’m not sure how easy this is going to be when we go out on location, but we will see. The lights were £15 each and the stands £10.


I didn’t want to spend loads on equipment so I bought a Rode Videomic, which is a good mic in that it picks up a lot of sound and you can mount it on your camera. However I have decided to transform it into a boom mic for the next shoot as it picks up wayyy too much background noise and I would like the voice recordings to sound really clear and loud (professional). All this involves is buying an extention cable and boom pole, then connecting the mic to the pole and wrapping the wire along from the mic to either an mp3 sound recorder thingy or the camera (if you can reach it!-this is good because then you have the audio and video synced from the get go). I have also invested in a deadcat (a furry windshield) because we learnt very quickly that wind is a microphone’s enemy and must be dealt with severely! Rode Videomic £80, boom pole £30, cable £10, deadcat £20.

I’m sure there’s loads more tips I will remember in due time, but for now this is as helpful as I can be with my lazy memory. I hope some of this has been useful to you and I hope the next episode of Charity Bastards will show how much I have learnt and will continue to be learning from doing a DIY sitcom. It’s such a wonderful thing to do and I would highly reccomend it as it’s been so much fun and I think more people should just make things themselves rather than waiting for the hand that be to come along and give them their role in the world.

Vicky Out! 🙂

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Helping run the Eddsworld stand at Comic Con 2016!


Yesterday me, Steve and Matt ran the Eddsworld stand at Comic Con MCM and it was great! It was mine and Steve’s first Comic Con ever so we went dressed as Pinkie Pie and Doctor Who- I think I was the only Pinkie Pie there (I’m sooooo cooool). The stand was very busy and we did really well! I’ve never really met all the Eddsworld fans before too, so that was a lovely experience. They’re a pretty varied bunch, but what they all have in common is that they LOVE Eddsworld and they’re all very sweet people.


Two groups came dressed as Eddsworld characters which was AMAZING! Here’s Matt with one of the gangs 🙂


And here he is with another group! I actually spotted the bottle of Vodka first then looked up and realised it was Tom! Nice hair! There was even a girl who’d come dressed as Ell (The character I voiced in Mirror Mirror)! But we were so busy I didn’t get a chance to take a photo at the time. Thanks though!


Lastly, here’s a photo of a boy who bought a stacked Eddsworld Felteenie (Made by Lucy Adams). He was so happy to be there! It was so nice to see how much Eddsworld means to soooo many people and get to see another part of Edd’s world (literally :P).

Matt is still at Comic Con running the stand today with my brother George, so if you’re there come and say hi. Matt’s also really enjoyed it and is thrilled by the day we had yesterday.

See you soon Eddheads 🙂

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